Edible Food Forest Göttingen

a project group of JANUN Göttingen

Essbarer Waldgarten Göttingen
Kontakt: Felix Möller

Welcome to our food forest project!

Since August 2021, we have been transforming a meadow in Göttingen's Grone Süd district, which was originally intended as an industrial estate, into a green, edible oasis!

The result: an edible food forest!

First things first: Our site is divided into "Overview", "Articles" and "Events". You are in the overview. At the top you can click on the other pages. In the articles/news we regularly report on news in the food forest and share our knowledge with you.

And here (click on it) you will find all the information on how you can join us.

And these are our other info channels:
Telegram info channel: https://t.me/EssbarerWaldgartenGoettingen
Instagram and Facebook can be found on the far left of the page.

Our goal is to create a garden in which we can try out sustainable forms of food production and work together with nature. The aim is to create an ecosystem that is as resilient as possible with primarily edible plants.

However, we focus just as much on the social aspects as the ecological ones. As an open community project, we want to combine environmental protection and sustainability with social interaction and create a place of recreation and education for the urban community.

We want to invite people to snack, offer a place for relaxation and regeneration and enable all social groups to participate and contribute in public spaces.

We meet regularly on the approximately 3,500 square meter site to garden, build, discuss and plan together in order to ultimately turn the vision of a communal and edible food forest into reality.
However, we don't just work in a practical way, but also deal a lot with the theory behind food forests and organize regular meetings where we gather knowledge on specific topics and plan the next steps together.
We also regularly organize workshops to educate ourselves and others on this broad range of topics. Vacation programs on sustainability and gardening are also held on our site for schoolchildren.

Financial support
We are very grateful for the financial support we are currently receiving from the German Postcode Lottery and the anstiftung!
This will enable our project to make great strides forward!


If you would like to support our project with a donation, you can do so easily via PayPal -> www.paypal.me/waldgartengoe

If you would like to deduct your donation from tax, you can also send it to our association account and declare it on your tax return.

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